Monday, May 11, 2009

I know we haven't posted for a while, but we are in Guangzhou now which is very much like a wonderful tropical vacation spot and there are just way too many fun things to do rather than sit in the room on a computer. Plus, we have to pay for internet here and we're cheap. We've been spending our afternoons in the hotel pool with other families in our group. We've gotten really close with the Broadfields, a wonderful family from Texas who traveled here with their two boys to adopt a five year old little guy. Our girls are really enjoying their kids.

Today we went to the zoo. Kai loved all the animals, and would stare, point and roar at each one until it was time to move on. He'd still be there looking into the cages if we would have let him. The older kids were always ready to move on way before he was. The zoo made me sad as there was obviously way more money spent on the grounds and landscaping than the animals themselves. I hate zoos, but I put up a brave front for the kiddos.

All our paperwork cleared the US consolate today and we go for our swearing in oath tomorrow. This means the end of a long adoption journey and Kai gets to become a US citizen. Yippee!!!

We went for his medical checkup a couple of days ago which is just a quick exam to make sure he's healthy and everything is on the up and up. When the doctor, a gentle, older Chinese lady took off Kai's diaper, she practically shrieked, "Oh my! It boy! I think it girl, it so pretty with so much hair!" Then she just laughed and laughed, as did I. Kai had been crying because he had to not be held for 2 seconds, but he stopped abruptly because of our laughing and didn't cry again for the rest of the exam which the doctor continued to giggle through. I never video tape those exams because they're so traumatic for the little ones, but I sure wish I would have had a tape rolling then! I have to agree, he is a really pretty boy! There are many American couples here at the hotel with their newly adopted children. I had wondered if I would see the couples with their tiny baby girls and be a bit envious, but instead I'm prancing around with this darling little guy that I'm so in love with and thinking, see my gorgeous child? Don't you wish you had one just like him? Ha, ha. Love is a powerful thing. Jo

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