Sunday, May 3, 2009


Well, we thought we would get Kai this morning, but we aren't actually getting him until 3:00 this afternoon so now we're trying to kill some time and keep calm. Not easy.

Tiayuan is interesting. We've had wonderful weather, but the pollution is very bad. The sky is a thick grey color all the time. We know Shanxi province where we are is one of the worst polluted areas in China.

Everyone, everywhere is very interested in us. We went to a large park yesterday and were quite the attraction. Our girls stand out in their western attire with their funny looking white parents. Some little kids screamed and ran from us. Funny!

Last night in an attempt to keep the girls awake we decided to use the hotel pool. We were escorted to a tiny locker room where half a dozen naked Chinese ladies surrounded us and proceeded to watch us get into our suits. They were talking excitedly, laughing and pointing at us. It was obvious they couldn't wait to see a naked white woman. Very unnerving. I dissapointed them because I'm pretty adept at getting into a swimsuit under my clothes without showing anything. The girls got a big kick out of it and found it very amusing! Wayne and I didn't end up getting in the pool because it was FREEZING! The girls swam for a while, but then got kicked out because they didn't have on bathing caps.

I'll try to post this evening after we have Kai.



  1. Glad to hear that you made it there ok and are so close to getting Kai! Can't wait to meet him when you get back! And at least you are having some interesting experiences on your trip.

  2. I can't wait to see pictures of Kai! I stayed up thinking that you might have him by now...I will check bright and early in the morning.

    Susan E