Friday, May 15, 2009

Finally Home!!!

Oh it's so nice to be home! The flights were torture. Four in all and a total of 30 hours travel time. The girls did great and Kai did well too except he hated take offs and landings because we had to strap him in and he couldn't be on my lap. We bribed him with m@ms and chocolate cake which he ate a ton of for the entire flight and then threw up just as we were landing in Chicago. Thanks to Baelyn's quick grab for the air sickness bag we kept the mess to a minimum.

It was so nice to arrive home to a well cared for dog and lots of yummie things to eat! Thank you Michelle, Beth, Martha and our neighbors. You guys are the best! Martha, how did you know Mac and Cheese was the one food the girls missed most in China???

I worried about Daubie so much this time, because he's so old, then on the flight home they showed that movie Marley and Me which I vowed to never watch. I ended up watching it on the peoples screen in front of me without the sound and I still bawled like a baby. I needn't have worried cause Daubie was happy and healthy. Papa watched Miley for us and we are super grateful to him. The girls missed her terribly and talked about her every single day.

Jet lag is a horrible thing. We are all mixed up. We went to bed at 1:00 a.m. and all six of us ended up in our bed at 5:00 a.m. this morning watching Uncle Buck and eating rotisserie chicken and hot rolls (which I had made last night, but no one was hungry then). Hopefully we'll get straightened out soon.

Kai loves his new home with all the toys. We put new batteries in every toy we had before we left and had them all out for him. He's played for hours and hours. He's such a good boy! He loves to play with his sisters or by himself. He shares really well and so far hasn't shown any aggressive behavior other than the throwing which has ceased. He's fully potty trained (we finally cracked the code) YEA!!! He understands a lot of what we say already and can say all our names plus several other words. He has slept through the night every night since we got him. He's a really good eater and is starting to fill out. In 10 days his little stick arms and legs look so much healthier and he's getting a chubby little belly now. He's terrified of the dogs. In China he pointed to every single dog on the street or tv and said "ooh wah", but now that there are two in close proximity he is very frightened of them. He won't walk by them, but likes to watch them and gets very excited so I don't think it will take long.

Kai has his first doc appt. at Riley on June 1st. We should know more about his upcoming surgeries after that. We are already dreading it. Jo


  1. Glad you all made it home safe and sound! We can't wait to meet Kai hopefully sometime this summer.

    Love to all!

    Becky, David, Olivia and So So

  2. I just found your blog! Congratulations. We are waiting for a little boy with repaired Cleft lip and an unrepaired palate. He will be 2 in June. We are 115 days waiting for LOA. I hope things go well with Kai's dr. appt next week.

  3. I'm sure it feels wonderful to be home. Kai is going to be having new experiences by the second! It will be great fun for you to watch him take all of this in. Congratulations and welcome home. Can't wait to meet Kai and see you all. love, jim