Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kai update

Kai is doing fantastic! We traveled to Riley again yesterday for the stitches to be removed. They had to put him under again and I thought he would be terrified the second we walked in the door, but he was a little brave man again. Didn't make a peep. Now he has a big piece of white tape where the stitches were. We thought the stitches were pretty cute and we're not too fond of the tape. He has to keep it on for two weeks and the no no's (arm restraits) too. He's eating everything in sight, but we have to feed him and it takes such a long time to feed a three year old! Plus his mouth is a lot smaller now so he can't take as big of bites. He doesn't like to look at himself in the mirror yet, but has just started looking at his pictures on the digital camera without looking away. Of course it took us a couple of days to get used to him too, but now we think he is just the most beautiful boy ever!!! Thank you to Dr. Flores, the incredibly talented plastic surgeon who performed Kai's operation and to the wonderful staff at Riley Children's Hospital.

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